Barry Fudge

Barry Fudge

Exercise Physiologist


Director of Lap25 – High-Performance Sports Consultancy

British Athletics Head of Endurance (2016 – 2020)

British Athletics Head of Sports Science (2014 – 2016)

English Institute of Sport Senior Sports Scientist (2009 – 2013)

Dr Barry Fudge is a world leader in the field of Exercise Physiology and has been at the forefront of elite distance running for the past decade.

Barry was Head of Endurance, Head of Science, and Physiologist at British Athletics for over a decade where he constructed a world-leading endurance program, supporting the best coaches and athletes across the UK. Barry introduced a sports performance concept he coined as ‘Own the Start Line’, with the objective that any UK endurance runner who stood on the start line at an international event was the best-prepared athlete in the field.

Barry completed his Bachelor’s Degree and PhD from the University of Glasgow and has worked in elite sport since with much of that time based with sports organisations at Loughborough University Campus. Barry started his elite sports career at the SportScotland Institute of Sport before moving to the English Institute of Sport where he quickly rose to become a Senior Sports Scientist and then Head of Sports Science working with British Athletics. So started a long and successful career at British Athletics where Barry has worked as both Head of Science and Head of Endurance.

When it comes to the physiology of endurance running there are few people better qualified than Barry and he has had a significant influence on the academic sphere as well as applied physiology work.

Barry is the Managing Director of Lap25 a high-performance consultancy working with clients in the sporting and business world. 

Barry’s Role at Training Focus Camp

During Training Focus Camps Barry will break down the science and explain how it relates and applies to runners of all levels. With such a plethora of information out there, it can be confusing to know what is worth listening to and what can be discarded. Barry will ensure that you know exactly what the science says and how you can apply the lessons from elite sport to your own training. 

Through seminars, small group workshops Barry will work with Training Focus Camps runners to help improve their performance 



Expert Panel Discussion

“Hi I’m Barry Fudge, I’ve been working in professional sport over a period of 4 Olympiads and have achieved global recognition as a performance expert within the endurance running community.
I was Physiologist, Head of Science and the Head of Endurance at British Athletics for over a decade where we constructed a world-leading endurance program, supporting the best coaches and athletes in the country by ensuring that when a British endurance runner stood on the start line they were the best-prepared athlete in the field.
After spending over a decade with a front-row seat to the training of the world’s best endurance runners, my current role is to use my skills and experiences to support others to be the best they can be in sport, business and life. 
I’m delighted to have joined the Training Focus Camps team in order to share my insights and experiences with runners across the spectrum of performance and ability and l look forward to helping you become the best runner you can be.”
Barry Fudge

Exercise Physiologist

“When it comes to high-performance endurance running, Barry sits at the very top table of experts worldwide. So it’s with a sense of excitement that we welcome him to the team for Training Focus Camps. 

I first met Barry in Iten Kenya, where I was working as a coach with a group of elite Kenyan athletes and Barry was in charge of the British Athletics endurance team who were on a training camp in Kenya. It was immediately obvious that Barry left no stone unturned when it came to the preparation of international endurance runners, and also that he held the respect of the super-elite runners he was working with. 

Bringing Barry to Training Focus Camps is a huge opportunity for runners of all levels to learn not only what it takes to be a top endurance runner, but more importantly, what they can learn from the world of elite running to improve their own performance.”

Gavin Smith

Running Trips Director

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