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Head Coach at Running Trips Remote Coaching Service

Assistant Coach at Training Focus Camps & Kenya Experience

Customer Services & Marketing at Running Trips 

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Callum and Gavin met in Kenya in late 2017 and Gavin invited Callum to join the team almost immediately. Initially working as a marketing consultant and creative content provider, Callum has continued to take on additional roles and responsibilities as the company has developed.

Callum’s main focus is coaching. He leads our Remote Running Coaching service and assists our Head Coach and Sports Performance Specialists on Training Focus Camps, as well as some Kenya Experience camps. Having been involved in the sport for almost 2 decades he has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge rare to find in a coach of his age.  Callum has trained and studied extensively with Kenya Experience Head Coach Hugo van den Broek, one of the worlds leading endurance coaches, with whom he is currently writing a book. Callum started coaching in 2018 and continues to go from strength to strength in helping other runners achieve breakthrough performances.

Callum has coached athletes across a broad spectrum of abilities and ambitions, having coached runners to local park run PB’s all the way through to international representation at the European Cross Country Championships. 

Whilst running at an elite level yourself is not essential to be a great coach, Callum’s experience as a high-level athlete gives him insight into the mindset, dedication and training required to reach your goals as a runner. Callum has a degree in Engineering Mathematics and his coaching style combines this analytical mind with the intuition that all great coaches require.

Callum lives in Cornwall and races for the Bristol Track Club. He has a 5k PB of 14:05 with ambitions to go much faster in the coming years. 

Callum’s Role at Running Trips

Callum is Head Coach of our Remote Running Coaching service where he coaches runners of all levels who expect the same standard and service as an elite runner. This role also sees Callum provide coaching tips and information via our blog and social media pages.

During Training Focus Camps Callum will be James Thie’s Assistant Coach. He will assist, demonstrate and coach during the workshop and practical sessions, as well as lead groups on running sessions and pre-run activation routines. As a continued presence throughout the camp he will help camp hosts Gavin & Lauren to ensure the smooth running of the camp and comfort of our guests;  All roles he has successfully undertaken on at many of our previous Kenya Experience camps.

I’m Callum, a competitive athlete and professional running coach.
For me, running has been about dedicating myself to a challenge and self-improvement. What excites me so much about being a runner is that I have no idea where that challenge will take me. So far it has taken me to training camps in multiple continents, working alongside some of the world’s most renowned coaches, training with elite runners in various countries, and competing in races all over the world. I once thought being a runner was to ‘sacrifice’ some of the good things in life, in pursuit of fast times and medals, but I have come to realise that being a runner has brought me so much more than numbers on a clock.
I have been a member of the Running Trips team since I met Gavin during my first serious training camp in Iten, Kenya. My journey as a runner has been a continuous learning curve and I am still gaining new experiences and learning from those around me even after close to two decades of dedication to the sport. Being part of the Running Trips Team has given me the chance to share all that I have learned along the way with like-minded runners from all over the world. Whether on the camps themselves or through our online coaching, I am here to help runners of all levels improve and to enjoy their journey as an athlete as much as I am enjoying mine.
Callum Jones

Assistant Coach Training Focus Camps

I met Callum in Iten Kenya where he was on a training camp and I was with our Kenya Experience group and I was instantly struck by Callum’s enthusiasm for the sport. Although he initially helped us with marketing and creative projects it quickly became clear that Callum’s big passion was in helping other runners develop and sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with others. 

Although he is already an excellent young coach, what stands out for me is that he remains inquisitive to ideas other than his own and is always looking for ways to develop and improve. 

Callum is already a skilled and intuitive coach, and working alongside James and our other staff during the camps will only help Callum’s development and offer an even better service for the athletes Callum coaches. 

Gavin Smith

Running Trips Director

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Callum is a regular on the Running Trips Podcast which he hosts along with Gavin

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Callum is a frequent contributor to our social media feeds and blog where he offers coaching tips and advice. 

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