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Our camps provide runners of all levels the opportunity to work with expert coaches and sports performance specialists at elite training facilities

Whether you are arranging a camp for your club/school or want to join an open camp as an individual, Training Focus Camps can help you improve your running

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Loughborough University

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Setting the Standard in Training Camps for Runners

We believe that runners of all levels deserve the same standard of coaching and service as world-class athletes.

That means elite level coaching in small groups at great facilities.

Learn from the coaches and performance staff of world-class performers, and develop the skills to implement effective, time-efficient training methods into your own routines.

Your current speed is not important: If you want to learn about and improve your running, Training Focus Camps is for you. 

Expert Staff

Specialist Training Camp Provider

High Staff to Athlete Ratios

Elite Sports Venues

Our UK based Training Focus Camps pack a lot into a short time.

From the moment you arrive at Training Focus Camps you will discover an environment of high performance that puts you first. 

Alongside like-minded runners, our expert team will lead you through seminars, practical workouts, small group workshops and running sessions. With an emphasis on providing long lasting benefits to your running, we will deliver world class expertise tailored to provide maximum impact for runners of all levels.

Camp’s Include

World Class Experts

Coaches & Sports Performance Specialists

High Performance Venue & Facilities

Elite Sports Venues 

High Staff Ratios

For Individual Attention

Sports Specific Catering

Nutritious Menus to Fuel your Training


For Continued Progression

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Comprehensive Pre Camp Support from UK Office 

Our Team

Meet some of experts who have staffed our camps and see the roles they played

James Thie

Head Coach

Callum Jones

Assistant Coach & Camp Co-ordinator 

Kyle Bennett

Head Coach

Gavin & Lauren Smith

Camp Co-ordinators

Matt Bergin

Sports Performance Specialist

Harvey Maguire

Sports Performance Specialist

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“Just amazing. It‘s made for runners of all levels and provides you with professionalism not seen in any of the other camps.”



“exceptional customer service as there was nothing that was too difficult to handle.”