Conversations about Running Podcast

Conversations about Running is the Podcast from the Running Trips team. 

Gavin, Callum and Hugo have always enjoyed chatting and discussing all manner of (mainly) running-related things. In early 2020 in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we started to record some of those chats and a podcast was born. 

For the first year, the three members of the Kenya Experience team recorded monthly episodes with Gavin in the UK, Callum usually in Norway, and Coach Hugo in Kenya. 

In March 2021 with Kenya Experience expanding into Running Trips, it was time for the Podcast to move forwards as well. We now record at least 2 episodes a month and whilst Coach Hugo continues to be a regular monthly guest, Gavin & Callum also host episodes with other members of the Running Trips UK based team, as well special guests from within the running world. 

Join Gavin and Callum alongside regular guest Coach Hugo and others as they discuss all things running with wide-ranging conversations about serious and not so serious issues within the running world.  Each host and guest bringing a unique perspective to the conversation allowing us to go in-depth on important topics as well as share personal anecdotes and experiences on running and racing.