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Training Focus Camps FAQ’s

What are Training Focus Camps?

Training Focus Camps are designed to improve performance, educate and inspire competitive runners of all levels.

We bring world-class Coaches and Sports Performance Specialists to sports specific venues and provide highest-quality, small group training camps.

What is a Sports Performance Specialist?

Sports Performance Specialist is our catch-all term for our industry-leading experts. This includes Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Nutritionists and more.

Our Coaches and Sports Performance Specialists are some of the best of the best. These are individuals who work at the top end of the performance spectrum with elite athletes. More than that, they understand that improving as a runner is something we can all aspire to, regardless of our talent or our current level. 

Coaches and Sports Performance Specialists at Training Focus Camps are driven by a passion to share their knowledge with runners of all levels and know how to adapt the lessons they have learned and the techniques they employ with elite runners to be effective for any runner who wants to improve. 

Are Training Focus Camps for elite runners?

Training Focus Camps are for all runners. We host runners of all speeds, ages, abilities and experiences.

We believe that all runners deserve the same treatment as elite athletes so you may well feel like an elite athlete during the camp. Our typical guest however, will be a club runner who wants improve, regardless of their current standard.

If you love running and want to get better then you will find value in our camps.  We are set up to provide world class information and training practices which are adapted to be relevant for runners of all levels. For example, for runners who are fitting in training around a busy family life and work commitments.

I have a coach already - Are Training Focus Camps for me?

Yes. Our camps are entirely compatible for runners with their own coaches. You will work with high level and inspirational running coaches during the camp but our objective is not to replace the role of your personal coach.

If you have your own coach, we are not here to tell you the training you are doing wrong or to contradict the advice you already receive. Rather, we are here to help you utilise best practice across a wide range of running and training related areas to help complement your current program.

Our weekend camps are lead by a running coach, and whilst we will cover important principles of running training, our camps are less about prescribing you with a set training program, and more about teaching you how to maximise your training time efficiently, as well as how to implement the additional/supplemental work which is essential for long term development as an athlete.

For example, how to incorporate running drills into your warm up, or to perform time efficient strength and conditioning programs or nutritional practices which can maximise your recovery from hard workouts.

Is the camp only for serious runners?

You need to be serious enough to want to spend your time learning how to improve as an athlete, and being around likeminded runners, but it is a relaxed and informal environment.

The camps are quite full on with a lot to fit into a short period of time. We want to provide you with the highest quality training camp experience in a fun and engaging manner. If that sounds like something you would enjoy then Training Focus Camps is for you.

I am booked on to a camp, but I’m injured. What are my options?

We operate a 100% transfer policy as standard. If you are unable to attend a camp you have booked for any reason then you can transfer 100% of the money paid to any other future camp within 12months.

We are runners ourselves and understand that injuries are both part and parcel of running, but also incredibly frustrating. We also want to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us and that’s why we ensure such a flexible policy for transfers in the event of an injury.

However, you may still wish to attend the camp, particularly for our weekend camps, and we would advise you to speak to our team to see what the best options are for your circumstances. The camps heavily focus on learning about aspects of your training beyond the simple act of running itself and you may decide that there is still a lot to be gained from attending even if you cannot take part in the running sessions.

For example, you will learn drills to improve running form, injury prevention routines and activation/warm up routines which can help both your immediate recovery as well as your long term progress once your injury heals.

With our highly specialised venues and facilities, we are able to provide suitable cross training options for you during the camp in the event that you cannot run but still wish to maintain your fitness. These are on site and we will facilitate your cross training in order to ensure that it does not compromise any other aspect of the camp.

Some of our camps will have medical staff as part of the camp staff who are specialised in working with distance runners so we advise checking the website and/or speaking to us directly to help plan the best option for you going forward.

How is this different from other running camps?

We won’t comment on how others work but instead focus on ensuring that we deliver the highest quality possible.  Based on our 10 years of experience with the Kenya Experience, as well as lifetimes as runners and coaches ourselves, we know exactly what we want to provide to the running community with Training Focus Camps.

We provide a genuine opportunity to become a better runner in the long term via a fun and engaging training camp format. We bring world-class coaching staff, high performance sports venues and exceptional customer service to everyday runners. Thus allowing them to experience the professionalism of a world-class training camp all whilst having fun and meeting like-minded runners.

We believe that great coaching occurs in small group environments where each individual can have the attention of our coaching team. You won’t see mass group sessions of running drills or core sessions here. We will have coach to athlete ratios of no more than 1:8 for all technical and practical sessions.

Training Focus Camps are about much more than simply running in a great location with cool backdrops (as much as that is a great option too!).

I’m attending on my own - what is the room situation?

The room arrangements are slightly different on each camp so please check the camp specific page for the camp you are interested in.

Our Training Focus Weeks Cardiff camps are all single rooms. Most other camps are shared/twin rooms as standard.

As standard, you will be placed with another solo attendee to share a Twin Room but some single occupancy places are usually available if preferred. Please check the booking form or ask us for more information.

Are meals included?

Yes. We use full board accommodation for all our training camps.

Weekend camps are full board with breakfast lunch and dinner as well as snacks provided. Day camps and workshops will have lunch and snacks. We select venues which are able to provide high-quality nutritious food, appropriate for a runners training camp. 

Additional snacks and pre-training snacks/sports drinks will also be available throughout the camps. There are shops available on site and locally where you can purchase additional food & drink if required.

Will my dietary requirements be met?

Yes, we are able to meet common dietary requests including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. If you have a specific requirement or allergy please check with us in advance and we will do our utmost to cater to your requirements.

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Customers’ prepayments are protected by a topp policy.

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