Matt Bergin

Matt Bergin

Chartered Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist at Witty Pask & Buckingham

Co-Founder at Performance Team

Elite Runner

Matt is a Sports Physiotherapist at Witty Pask & Buckingham and Performance Team who specialises in the treatment and physical management of endurance runners. Matt is one of our Sports Performance Specialists and will be teaching our runners to build robust & resilient bodies. Thus allowing runners to minimise the occurrence of injury and to improve efficiency & enhance performance through the utilisation of running specific conditioning programs.

Combining his own running with work as a physiotherapist at both the renowned Witty Pask & Buckingham Clinic in Northampton and the highly innovative online service Performance Team, Matt brings a lot to the table at Training Focus Camps. 

Matt’s focus as a physio is in utilising his skills and knowledge to treat runners injuries, and also to improve performance amongst healthy athletes. This performance enhancement, in the form of injury risk reduction and increased efficiency, is what Matt will be teaching us during Training Focus Camps. 

Matt is physiotherapist to Olympic and Paralympic runners through to members of the general public. He works alongside, and has been extensively trained by world-class physiotherapist Mark Buckingham and is a highly sought after physio in his own right amongst both club and elite runners across the UK. 

Matt started working at Witty Pask & Buckingham in 2018 and in 2020, alongside Mark Buckingham founded Performance Team, an online service offering elite level therapy and sports medicine to runners across the world. He has supported elite athletes in training and competition from the Athletics Ireland, the Royal Dutch Athletics Association and a plethora of elite, club and recreational runners. 

Matt has a 5km personal best of 13:47 (which he has run twice!) and finished 10th at the 2017 World University Games on one of his many international appearances for Ireland. 

Matt is highly skilled in injury diagnosis and although every runner is different, he is highly attuned to common movement patterns, strength deficiencies, and general day to day habits that predispose runners to injuries. This insight and knowledge have allowed Matt and Mark at Performance Team to develop a comprehensive screening and corrective exercise program to help runners stay injury-free. 

Matt’s knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy, injury-free running is a huge asset to Training Focus Camps, where he will be teaching both the theory and practice of keeping runners healthy and running faster. 

Matt’s Role at Training Focus Camp

Matt will deliver whole group seminars, and small group rotations as well as sit on our expert panel discussion.

Matt’s sessions will focus on the theory and practice behind keeping runners healthy, free of injury, and running faster. 



Expert Panel Discussion

It can sometimes be overlooked that a Sports Physiotherapist is not only there to help you recover from an injury. Once a healthy training pattern is established the goal is to make healthy runners even faster. We have strategies and interventions on hand to reduce the risk of picking up an injury in the first place, which will halt your progress, and then improving your movement and biomechanics for increased efficiency and faster running. 

Of course, injuries do happen and can be tough to deal with. However, oftentimes, even seemingly complex issues can be fixed quickly if you address the root cause. 

These are all things I am looking forward to exploring with you during Training Focus Camps.

Matt Bergin

Sports Performance Specialist

I first met Matt through my longtime physio Mark Buckingham (the Guru!) who was training Matt in his treatment and diagnostic techniques. I’ve since been treated by Matt in clinic and got to know him on a personal level and I’m delighted that he will be with us at Training Focus Camps as one of our Sports Performance Specialists. 

Matt’s online Sports Physiotherapy service Performance Team is industry leading, and having Matt with us throughout the weekend is going to add so much value to the attending runners. 

If you love running, and  want to start minimising the time you spend injured, or else if you are healthy and want maximise your performance with strength and gait improvements, then Matt is a man you would be well advised to listen carefully to. 

Gavin Smith

Running Trips Director

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Matt will join us as a guest on the Running Trips Podcast. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

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