Private Groups

Would you like to arrange a Training Focus Camp for your club, group or school?

We are ready to put together a world class training camp for your group or school. Give your team every advantage ahead of the upcoming season by training together with us.

We have hosted private groups at our Kenya based Kenya Experience camp for many years and are now able to help your team with either UK weekend or European week long Training Focus Camps.

Enjoy all the benefits of Training Focus Camps exclusively for your team/school – email us for more information.

“Just amazing. It‘s made for runners of all levels and provides you with professionalism not seen in any of the other camps.”

Marcus Lange

Training Focus Weeks Kenya 2019

“exceptional customer service as there was nothing that was too difficult to handle.”

Lara Warrett

Training Focus Weeks Kenya 2020

How does it work?

Private camps are entirely flexible and we will work together with your coach/teacher/group organiser to put together the perfect camp for you.

Sometimes, this means we replicate our standard camps almost exactly, this makes things very easy and simple for you. We do all the work in advance and you turn up on day 1 ready to enjoy what we have put together for you.

In other circumstances you may want us to tailor the camp content to your specific preferences, in which case we will tailor the itinerary for your groups requirements.

Generally speaking you can use the costings of our standard camps as a guide to what a camp will cost.

Contact us for a specific quote as well as information on group discounts and free places for group leaders.

Booking Process

Again, we are able to offer flexibility to suit the make up and structure of your club/group/organisation.

For general information and communication in advance of the camp, you will appoint a group leader who we will liaise with and they will then disseminate information out to the rest of the group in order to simplify communication.

We can either invoice the group as a whole via the group leader, or invoice each runner individually if this is easier for you.

Contact us for a specific quote as well as information on group discounts and free places for group leaders.