Richard Blagrove

Dr Richard Blagrove

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Programme Leader MSc S&C Loughborough University

Lecturer in Physiology & Strength and Conditioning Coach

Book author; PhD; Performance and Health of Runners

When it comes to Strength and Conditioning for runners, Richard Blagrove has quite literally written the book. His first published book titled ‘Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running’ is the industry-leading title on the topic. His second book The Science and Practice of Middle and Long Distance Running will be published in spring 2021. 

As an academic Richard is the program lead for the Master’s Degree Program in Strength and Conditioning at Loughborough’s School of Sport & Exercise Science where he lectures on physiology and contributes to research projects with worldwide influence. As a coach, he is highly sought after by elite runners and coaches as well as an in-demand conference speaker and popular podcast guest. 

Previously employed at St Mary’s University and Birmingham City University, Richard’s extensive research and coaching in the field of S&C in endurance running see him as a leading authority on the subject worldwide. The elite athletes who have come through Richard’s programs and coaching are innumerable and he has had an impact on so many more through his book which is an oft used resource by coaches and athletes alike. 

Whilst Richard’s expertise means he is a highly sought out practitioner by elite athletes, his passion extends to helping runners of all levels improve their physical capabilities to become better runners. 

Richard is able to explain both the why and how when it comes to S&C for runners. 


Richard’s Role at Training Focus Camp

Richard will deliver whole group seminars, and small group rotations as well as sit on our expert panel discussion.

His sessions will focus on Strength and Conditioning for runners and will explore the practical implications of his years of experience in elite sport for runners of all levels. 



Q&A Discussion

Hi i’m Richard, a Lecturer in Physiology and the Programme Leader for the MSc Strength and Conditioning at Loughborough University. In addition to research and academic responsibilities, I’ve been providing strength and conditioning coaching support to endurance runners for the last 15 years. Regular strength training has been shown to enhance running economy, improve performance, and is likely to lower the risk of overuse injury in runners of all ages and abilities. I’m looking forward to being a part of Training Focus Camps, and my sessions will cover how to perform strength training exercises safely and how they can be incorporated into an endurance runners training routine.

Richard Blagrove

Sports Performance Specialist

If you speak to a runner in the elite or sub-elite world about strength and conditioning, it doesn’t take long until the name Richard Blagrove comes up. His reputation as a world-leading expert on the topic speaks for itself and his influence on the S&C world amongst runners is huge. 

As Rich is not only a coach, but also a highly acclaimed academic, working with him directly is not so easy to do – most runners are able to get a glimpse into his world via his excellent book, but that is as far as it goes. 

I’m delighted that we are now able to bring Richard’s coaching and teaching to an audience of runners for whom that was previously not possible and I’m excited to sit in on his sessions myself – there is so much to learn! 


Gavin Smith

Running Trips Director

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