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Loughborough University

Day Workshop

Strength & Conditioning for Runners

This one day workshop is lead by Strength & Conditioning expert Rich Blagrove.

Rich is one of our Sports Performance Specialists on Training Focus Camps weekends, and this one day workshop allows Rich to delve deeper into the topics he covered at the weekend and to explore additional themes.

The day focuses on the key S&C requirements for distance runners of all levels providing both a theoretical understanding and practical implementation of S&C practices for improved running performances at all levels. 

Rich is author of the seminal book ‘Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Runners’ and his influence on S&C amongst elite runners in the UK and internationally should not be understated. Now you too can learn from Rich with Training Focus Camps. 

The Team

Rich Blagrove

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Callum Jones

Assistant Coach

Gavin Smith

Camp Co-ordinator


Elite Athlete Hotel
Loughborough University

Example Date  2021
Sunday 10:00 – 17:00


On the Day


Fundamental S&C Lessons

Practical Workshop

Screening for Strength in distance runners


How to plan and implement a successful S&C strategy

Practical Workshop

Practical examples of key exercises

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 runners.


Throughout the day you will take part in seminars and practical sessions with elite Strength & Conditioning Coach Rich Blagrove. 

This workshop is suitable for runners of all levels who want to learn about Strength & Conditioning from one of the worlds leading experts. The day will help runners understand the science which underpins strength work for runners as well as the practical implications of utilising it in your program. After spending the day with Rich you will come away understanding both why and how strength and conditioning should be part of your program as a runner. 

Rich will teach athletes to take a proactive approach to their S&C with scientifically validated strategies to take control of their physical preparation and improve their running. 

As an S&C coach and scientist with a career-long speciality in distance running, Rich understands the specific role that S&C plays for runners. Perhaps more importantly, he also understands where it sits within the overall structure of a distance runners training program. With a deep understanding of how endurance runners train and the demands that they are under away from the strength work, Rich is able to put together programs and strategies which work together with your running not against it. 

This proves to be a hugely informative as well as enjoyable day with one of the worlds top S&C experts for runners. 


Also Included on this Camp

Nutritious Lunch

English Institute of Sport designed menus plus drinks & snacks throughout the camp


Saucony Technical Running Shirt + Giveaways


Sports Nutrition to keep you fuelled throughout the day

Lunch will be provided buffet style with hot and cold options and all dietary requirements met. The catering at the Elite Athlete Hotel has been designed by English Institute of Sport nutritionists and is perfect to fuel you for a day of training. Additional snacks from Sports Nutrition brand Tribe will be provided for your use throughout the day. 

Our partners Saucony will provide every guest with a technical running shirt and additional giveaways.

What to Expect

Before the Camp Begins

Comprehensive Pre Camp Customer Support.

Our team are on hand to help you with everything you need and to answer all your questions in advance of the camp before and after you have booked your place.

Before you arrive you will receive comprehensive pre-camp information with everything you need to prepare for the day ahead. This will include additional information on the camp itinerary.

Travel as far as Loughborough University is your responsibility, although we can of course help and advise on this, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

On the Day

Please aim to arrive from 9:45 for a 10:00 start.

We will start the day with a brief introduction meeting where you will meet the coaches and your fellow runners and go through the itinerary for the day.

From there we will be straight into the action, with the first coaching session taking place in the trackside seminar room ahead of an indoor practical session in Hipac. After lunch and a chance to relax in the Athlete Lounge, we will back into the seminar room for session two before heading back to the High Performance Athletics Centre (Hipac) for another practical session.

Following our practical work in Hipac, we will back into the Elite Athlete Hotel to wrap up and close the camp. 

Rest and recovery periods are built into the day, however, please be aware that we have a lot of information and experience we want to share with you, so please be ready for a full-on itinerary.

The Venue

Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

Loughborough University

Our host venue is the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel which sits in the heart of Loughborough’s world class sporting facilities, overlooking the Paula Radcliffe Athletics Centre and Seb Coe High Performance Centre (HiPac); Our sessions will take place in the trackside seminar room and Hipac.

The Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel is the perfect match for Training Focus Camps providing elite level service and facilities for athletes of all abilities. 

Elite Sports Hotel

Full Board plus Coffee and Snacks

Relax between sessions in athlete lounge

Rooms Optimised for Sleep Hygiene

World Class Facilities at Loughborough University

Institute of Sport designed Menus

Professional learning spaces for seminars

75minutes direct train from central London

Your Safety - Covid-19

Your safety during the weekend is paramount and we have put in place a comprehensive safety policy to ensure that this event is Covid Secure and complies with all local and national restrictions.

Click the button to learn more about the social distancing, hygiene and other measures which will be in place during this camp